SEA Has Been Acquired By A1 Energy
  • Energy Procurement – Susquehanna Energy Advisors, Inc. works with multiple licensed electricity and natural gas energy suppliers and independently evaluates their offers to make sure our clients get the best price and contract terms.We also evaluate each client’s particular situation to ensure the best recommendation for pricing products and terms.

  • Market Intelligence – With over 29 years of industry experience, we realize that energy markets are complex and fluid. We monitor the markets on a daily basis and inform our clients when pricing opportunities arise.

  • Demand Side Management – Next to the generation charges, capacity costs are typically the second largest cost per kilowatt hour. These costs are based on your “peak” usage during a specific period such as a really hot summer day or extremely cold winter day. We help clients control these costs by managing peak demands.

  • Billing Review – We review our client’s utility and supplier billing to ensure the proper rates are being billed. When we find errors, we follow up with our client and the billing party to correct the situation and make sure any over-payments are credited properly.

  • Energy Budgeting Assistance – We track monthly usage and costs and can help our clients prepare for future energy costs.


With over 29 years in the energy industry, Susquehanna Energy Advisors has a proven track record of providing great service to its clients. We're licensed to serve clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Principal of Susquehanna Energy Advisors, Rich Felton
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